THE VAULT OF HORROR presents the 2012 Cyber Horror Awards--the first horror film awards decided by the online horror-blogging/writing community. The fifth annual installment should be the biggest one yet, with participation from all across the vast horror blogosphere. If you're a blogger or other online horror critic and haven't received a ballot, please let me know and I'd be happy to include you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

2010 Cyber Horror Award Nominees

Val Lewton Award for Best Film

Black Swan, Fox Searchlight Pictures

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, Agnes b. Productions

Let Me In, Hammer Films

Survival of the Dead, Blank of the Dead Productions

Piranha 3-D, Dimension Films

David Cronenberg Award for Best Director

Darren Aronofksy, Black Swan

John Dowdle, Devil

Breck Eisner, The Crazies

Matt Reeves, Let Me In

Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island

Vincent Price Award for Best Actor

Timothy Olyphant, The Crazies

Benicio Del Toro, The Wolfman

Dieter Laser, The Human Centipede

Onni Tommila, Rare Exports

Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island

Jamie Lee Curtis Award for Best Actress

Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Chloe Moretz, Let Me In

Emily Blunt, The Wolfman

Sarah Butler, I Spit on Your Grave

Radha Mitchell, The Crazies

Dwight Frye Award for Best Supporting Actor

Ben Kingsley, Shutter Island

Kenneth Welsh, Survival of the Dead

Jorma Tommila, Rare Exports

Akihiro Kitamura, The Human Centipede

Vincent Cassel, Black Swan

Linnea Quigley Award for Best Supporting Actress

Geraldine Chaplin, The Wolfman

Delphine Chaneac, Splice

Mila Kunis, Black Swan

Winona Ryder, Black Swan

Danielle Panabaker, The Crazies

Curt Siodmak Award for Best Screenplay

Brian Nelson, Devil

Jalmari Helander, Petri Jokiranta & Sami Parkkinen, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Scott Kosar, The Crazies

Matt Reeves, Let Me In

Mark Heyman, Black Swan

Molly Arbuthnot Award for Best Costume Design

Amy Westcott, Black Swan

Milena Canonero, The Wolfman

Sandy Powell, Shutter Island

Tom Savini Award for Best Makeup

Manlio Roccheti, Shutter Island

David Ambit, Santiago, Gijon Jiminez, Juan Almo & Paulo Requena, [REC]2

Rick Baker, The Wolfman

Ray Harryhausen Award for Best Visual Effects

Shutter Island

Black Swan


Albert S. D'Agostino Award for Best Production Design

Shutter Island, Dante Ferretti

Black Swan, Therese DePrez

The Wolfman, Rick Heinrichs

Bernard Herrmann Award for Best Score

Bill Abbot, The Wolfman

Clint Mansell, Black Swan

Christoph Bauschtinger, Devil

Karl Freund Award for Best Cinematography

Tak Fujimoto, Devil

Robert Richardson, Shutter Island

Neil Lisk, I Spit on Your Grave

Shelly Johnson, The Wolfman

Matthew Libatique, Black Swan